Everyone chipping in to keep people safe and Flag Hill Winery in Lee is now doing their part, according to a story from WMUR.

Flag Hill has adapted its distillery to fill the need of more hand sanitizers for first responders.  The owner, Brian Ferguson, said that reports came in of the shortage and he just thought it was the right thing to do.

Brian and his friend, Matt Mayberry, a former Dover city councilor who is now a candidate for Congress, have been filling 5 gallon containers with the Flag Hill sanitizer for delivery to fire departments and first responders throughout NH.  Production began on Thursday right after federal regulators lifted a ban on making it.  Brian said he had never made hand sanitizer before and never thought he would be.  Here's more of what he said in the WMUR report:



We make the primary active ingredient. We have the ability to manufacture that pretty readily,” he said. “But one of the challenges was distribution. So when Matt contacted us yesterday morning, we basically had been talking about it and getting plans ready, but hadn’t moved on it because of the supply chain issues.

Brian will be reaching out to more first responders next week.


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