I'm posting this on a Friday because you'll need the extra day to make the mac and cheese. You'll also need the extra time to clear your schedule and buy big enough sweat pants for when you're eating this. 

The mac and cheese grilled cheese sandwich with bacon packs a punch. It's very filling, but also very good. It comes courtesy of the 'Sandwich King' from Food Network, Jeff Mauro.

Are you seeing a pattern with my food picks? Yeah most of my inspiration comes from this dude. He has some awesome recipes and this one is from his fat days before he went all skinny metrosexual for 'The Kitchen'. Always trust a fat chef.

DK's Fat Time Saving Tip: Make the mac and cheese in advance. Even a day before will help cut down on time. The mac and cheese needs to cool and solidify before making the sandwich.

When preparing the sandwich, it's very important you use hot sauce for the tomatoes. Some people do not like hot sauce, but I'm telling you it adds a unique kick to the sandwich and will not over power the flavor. Don't skip the hot sauce.

The bacon obviously needs to be crispy, as the 'Sandwich King' suggests in the video. Crispy bacon or GTFO.

Other than that, dive in and enjoy!

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