This weekend something happened that COMPLETELY reverses the strategy in case you are confronted by an American Black Bear. This is the 'In Your House' update.

L Lapierre Photo Credit
L Lapierre Photo Credit

Granted this happened in Aspen Colorado, so the chance of a bear confronting you in your own kitchen is not as likely in 'The Granite State' but I think this ABC 7 News report gives us all a reason to 'paws'.

In a previous article, I had passed along safety advice as to what one should do when you find yourself in the same 'social distance' of a bear. Square up, look it in the eyes and try to look as tall as possible. DO NOT RUN AWAY.


If there's a 450 POUND bear in your house? Keep your eyes on it at all times while you're moon walking out of your house as fast as possible and close the door behind you.

According to ABC 7 News, Dave Chernovsky acted quite calm and walked into his garage with the bear trailing him slowly. It was when Mr. Chernovsky open the loud garage door, the bear freaked out and started swatting.

When Colorado Parks and Wildlife returned to the house later, they found the bear relaxing on his living room couch.

If this happens to me? I'm out the front door as quickly and quietly as possible dialing NH Fish and Game with no time to wonder if I'm going to be on an upcoming episode of North Woods Law. Quivering like a leaf, several miles away from from my house!

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