It's always so devastatingly sad when you hear about marine life tangled up in some kind of gear.  Below, I attached mesmerizing video of a recent and rare sighting of these critically endangered whales we just had along the New Hampshire Seacoast.

Anyway, Sundog is tangled up right now.   According to an article I just ran across in People, this rarely seen North Atlantic Right Whale is 14 years old and she spends much of her time along the eastern seaboard between the Cape and Maine.

Fisheries and Oceans of Canada, according to People, say Sundog swam, tangled up, from the Cape, along the New Hampshire coastline, the Gulf of Maine, and into Quebec.  Sundog appears to have made it, so far, to a little village called Gaspe'.

This is the first sighting of any Right Whales in these Canadian waters this year as all of the sightings for 2022, like the ones I posted below, have all been in New England.  Right now marine mammal rescuers are standing-by and ready at a moment's notice if or when she is spotted so they can try and help her.

Please I hope they spot her again and save her.

With only 336 left in the world according to Fisheries NOAA, they're a mesmerizing sight to behold, to the point of being hypnotic and such an important part of our environment.

WCVB YouTube/WMUR Instagram
WCVB YouTube/WMUR Instagram

I keep watching both videos over and over again because they're so enthralling, beautiful, and moving so it's even more heartbreaking to think about Sundog, struggling.

And check out this video posted by WMUR on Instagram.

According to WCVB, the New England Aquarium's aerial survey team had some sightings of more than 100 whales off our New England coastline earlier this year. Of those 100 sightings, 27 of them were this critically endangered North Atlantic right whale.

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