After years of hearing people from all walks of life rave about this place, I finally made it there and I'm here with my review.

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Yes folks, that is really my picture of a REALLY good pepperoni pizza photographed fresh out of the oven at this 431 Main Street location in Fremont NH.

If you think it isn't possible that it could taste any better than it looks well, you would be sadly mistaken.


After you've been as obsessed with pizza as I am, and have devoured enough of it throughout the past 45 years you create a certain pantheon for pies, the finest of the fine. And this right here is among the very best.

An Italian style hand thrown crust, cheese and sauce that I'd compare only with my all time favorite, the erstwhile R & L Pizza in Ossipee NH.  Praise that I don't just 'throw around' lightly.

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If you're driving anywhere around Exit 6 off Route 101 and you see this sign, STOP!

You will not regret it.

They have a huge menu too so, looks like my next 45 years will be very busy.