Bolley's Famous Franks changed the style of their french fries and half of the State of Maine apparently lost their mind because of it.

ThinkStock - Credit Chen Ping-hung

There are two locations of this iconic hot dog stand in Hallowell and Waterville.

According to this piece, a recent business decision to change from a crinkle cut style fry to a straight cut caused such an outrage that the current owners issued the following statement on Facebook.

Now look, I like crinkle cut fries as much as the next guy, but when you read this heartfelt statement about how the same high quality potatoes are prepared in a nearly identical manner, you can't help but feel bad for all the hostility this family has endured.

Maybe this throwback commercial will help in calming down the multitudes of maniacal Mainers that feel such a deep connection to these fries.

It's going to be alright. Or perhaps I should say it's going to be Ore-Ida.

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