Gawd, I love New Hampshire.  From Seacoast Online, Hampton Falls just elected a hog wrangler, a/k/a hog REEVE.  Volunteer Firefighter, Chuck Reinhold was just appointed this high hog honor.

I wanted to know more about this, so I called the Hampton Fire Department and spoke to Jay Lord, The Fire Chief of Hampton.  I asked him what exactly does the hog reeve do?

Actually nothing, but, that being said, if there are any pigs that get loose, his job is to go and wrangle the pigs and get them back to their owners, but we haven't had any pigs in town for a number of years.

My follow up question was WHY does the Town do this?

Oh, we've done this every year for eons - like, Seabrook has a Constable who is not really a Police Officer.  Typically, it goes to the newest resident of the town....... the Moderator and the Town Clerk get together and say, 'that's who we're going to appoint.'  We've had some notable people become the hog reeve over the years.

True.  According to the Article from Seacoast Online, Former Governor, John H. Sununu was appointed after he moved in to town.

Good luck, Chuck!  Our hogs feel safer with you as our trusty Reeve!


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