Except for the hat, it is almost exact!

As someone whose entire wardrobe consists of ten t-shirts and six pairs of jeans, I don't feel qualified to critique this bold choice of an ensemble.

But I can't help but wonder at this point, if there is any correlation to the outlandishness of Cam's gameday garb and the overall quality of play that The Patriots exhibit during those match ups.

In my humble opinion, the poor play of the entire defensive backfield is to blame for yesterdays loss and not Mr. Newton. In fact, he threw for 365 yards with a gorgeous TD pass to Byrd and his QB rating has been above 100 now throughout the last two games.

So, at this point I'm a bit conflicted.

If he dresses for Halloween every game day and plays well in a loss, is that better than a boring suit and an equally conservative game plan that generates a win?

Now that I think of it, he wore a bright yellow suit to the season opener and they beat Miami. A game that STILL has divisional tie breaker implications.

The Patriots need to win every remaining game now to have any hope of a playoff bid. I just want them to take any advantage they can, in whatever necessary 'fashion'.

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