Let us be honest for a second, it does not matter how old we are, we enjoy going on rides and re-living our childhood.

If you grew up in Maine or other parts of New England, then you may have visited Funtown Splashtown USA in Saco over the summer.

Well, whether you want to relive your childhood or just want to enjoy a fun time with friends and go on some rides without any children around, Funtown Splashtown USA has made that easy for you.

That's right, no children. Funtown is holding its adult-only event called All Grown Up multiple times this year. Now, the reason why I just said Funtown and did not just mention Splashtown is due to the fact that Splashtown will actually be closed for this event.

Imagine, roaming around without having to worry about stepping on a child. Well, really that's only one perk. Funtown's All Grown Up event has live music, drinks, and so much more for you to enjoy.

So, what dates can you attend a kid-free Funtown? Well, Funtown will be hosting this event on three Saturdays this season, July 15th, August 5th, and August 26th.

The All Grown Up event runs from 7:30 pm to 11 pm, and fair warning last year (2022) tickets for the first event sold out really fast.

Unfortunately, if you are wanting to attend this event, you will need a special ticket and they are not yet on sale. You can keep watching Funtown Splashtown USA's website for when tickets become available and stay up to date with all of the event's information.

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