Forewarning frugal fans of fossil fuel, FILLERUP! There's a new Mobil station in Barrington and it appears to be causing a potential gas price war.


And I thought Somersworth was 'where you get your money worth' for gasoline, if you're running on fumes, head to Calef highway!

Not an hour passed after I filled my tank at an undisclosed location on Route 108 at $2.29pg, (my secret station, get your own) I was surprised to see the new Mobil at the northern junction of Rte 125 and Route 9 OFFERING $2.25!

Sure enough, the Irving across the way was offering $2.26.

Did I just stumble into the middle of a 1970's era gas price war? If I waited another few minutes, would the Irving have offered 2.24?

Or is this a larger issue? In the process of excavating the new Mobil/Burger King, did someone unwittingly strike a petroleum reservoir that would rival Jed Clampett himself?

Of course, I'm just being ridiculous. But the ridiculous price I saw this weekend was REAL!

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