Aha! Rabid Pats fans like myself are revved up for the opener on Sunday afternoon AND THEN, out of nowhere, a bonus epilogue episode of 'Tom vs. Time' ? Watch it here!

At a little over 4 minutes, the cameras catch TB12 being reflective of the past and looking towards the future with an eerily peaceful mood.

I was surprised to see that much of this footage was recently filmed and instantly expected the subject matter to be more positive and uplifting, concerning the hope that each NFL player has with the start of every season.

Instead we get a very chilled out Tom Brady, talking about the boredom of his previous football routine and putting more of an emphasis on valuing the time spent with his family.

As a bright spot, Brady still INTENDS to play another 5 years, but realizes now that it will be much easier said than done.

I was fully expecting an amped up Brady, focused on hoisting his 6th Lombardi trophy. Instead, this Zen-like Brady seems to have taken his place.

I'm not afraid of this peacefulness replacing his unparalleled competitiveness. In fact, it just may make him better.




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