Everyone has a favorite candy. Whether it's sugar wrapped in sugar topped with sugar or something so chocolatey, it feels like a crime to eat it. There's new favorites and there's old favorites and then everything in between. So if you're a fan of candy, there's a massive candy store in Kittery called Yummies that is an absolute must-visit if you live in Maine or even if you don't.

What Should I Expect When I Visit Yummies?

Wall to wall candy. No, we're not joking. Think of it this way; when you need lumber or a new light fixture, you're probably headed off to The Home Depot because they have stacks of options. If you're considering filling the pantry with Swedish Fish or Milky Way candy bars, Yummies has every size, variety and amount you can possibly dream of.

Does Yummies Have 'Hard To Find' Candies?

That's part of their game at Yummies. On their website, they have an entire section dedicated to "nostalgia". Whether it be a specific flavor of Big League Chew that you haven't seen anywhere in 20 years, or whether you want to get crazy with a variety pack of Zotz, Yummies has you covered. They also have an entire section of "Maine' candy, from old timey favorites to saltwater taffy.

Where Do I Find Yummies Exactly?

You can't miss Yummies huge sign at 384 US Route 1 in Kittery. Their sign promises that they have 10,000 pounds of candy on display inside their emporium and that definitely isn't a lie. Aisles and aisles of well-known favorites and aisles and aisles of stuff you've never heard of but probably should give a try.

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