Ghislaine Maxwell was found in Bradford, NH last week and taken in to custody for her involvement with Jeffrey Epstein's crimes against young girls, according to a recent article.  Apparently, she had been scoping out the 603 for a while before buying the property back in December of 2019, according to The Daily Beast.  

According to the Daily Beast sources, Maxwell, through her Broker, wanted to know the flight patterns over the property.  The Broker didn't want to release her name, so the sellers assumed it was a movie star.

When she was arrested on Thursday, the neighbor said they heard helicopters buzzing overhead with six or so cars pulling in during Maxwell's arrest.

I found the listing for the house that she purchased in NH online at  It's beautiful, but I have to say, if they re-sell it, chances are, it will be at a significant discount, wouldn't you say?  I mean, check this out:

4745268_0_YrYNRv_l (1)

It comes with 156 acres!!!  Perfect for someone who wants to hide out.

What exactly does it mean to want to know what the flight patterns are?  Couple of theories - 1)  Maxwell was concerned about the amount of air traffic over the property and didn't want to be spotted and 2)  She was concerned about making a quick get away and wanted a runway to be close by?  I don't know, just guessing.  I can't pretend to get inside the mind of someone as evil as Maxwell.  I don't know what her future holds but the amount of pain that her and Jeffrey Epstein put on young girls is longer than any prison sentence I can think of.

As much as I love this property, even if it dropped to half its selling price, I couldn't live there.  Nope, no thank you.


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