I had never eaten at a vegetarian restaurant, let alone a vegan establishment. To say that it was a pleasant surprise would be a huge understatement.

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Violette's Vegan

Located at a small strip mall (like all the best places in Sin City) at 8560 West Desert Inn Road, not all that far from the hotel where I always stay.

The photo above is their Sunshine Salad which they put in a wrap at NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE. I also added avocado.

I never thought I liked chick peas, wow, was I wrong.

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These may look a bit like over done fish sticks but trust me, they were some of the best chicken wings I've ever had, yet, not chicken at all!

It's called seitan, which is a vegan meat substitute that is just gluten that is hydrated?

You wouldn't think that it would have the same consistency as real wings but I was fooled. And this is someone that probably eats 1500 chicken wings a year on average.

I'm telling you, even the carniest of carnivores would love this place, so if you are ever in Vegas and want to counteract all the sinning? I fully recommend Violette's Vegan.

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Bonus Tip: Try the zucchini zen, they taste better than potato chips!