I was alarmed to discover not one, but TWO different interpretations of my beloved hometown in the urban dictionary. 

Google Maps
Google Maps

The first 'definition' was submitted in 2010 and is a slurred slang combination of Gin and Tonic which makes perfect sense, although I'd think it'd be pronounced with a soft G sound as opposed to the actual hard G pronunciation.

The second 'definition' from 2005 is "An abnormally skinny person who tries to be all 'in the crowd' but cannot be."

The REAL origin of the name Gonic was derivative of a Pennacook Indian phrase "Squanamagonic" which means 'Land of the Clay Hills'.

I'd like to end this piece by stating that any abnormally skinny person is quite welcome in this lovely town and I would happily buy them a Gin and Tonic as a warm welcome.

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