Today, Governor Sununu spoke to The Shark Morning Show about reopening NH's golf courses and why the new regulations apply only to State residents and club members.

They did a great job with it. (The NH Reopening Task Force)


My caveat is, you have to be a NH resident or a member of the club.


I love Massachusetts, I've spent many years there but they're dealing with a whole different level of the epidemic right now and we don't want to invite that over the border.


- NH Governor Chris Sununu on Reopening Golf Courses

The first thing I thought of when I quickly scrolled through my Twitter feed last Friday and saw the outpouring of joy from golfers across New England?

I envisioned a gigantic throng of happy hackers charging in from every state wearing knickerbockers and wielding 5 irons like a pastel clad scene out of Braveheart.

Thankfully, the guidelines will prevent that overwhelming scenario.

That being said, Monday, May 11 2020 should be one date that NH golfers won't forget for a long time.

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