You never know what you'll find while walking along the beach.

According to a story from WMUR, Ellen Copello was walking along Hampton Beach yesterday morning (Tuesday 3/10) looking for shells when she came across an urn with the name, "Grandma" on it.  She immediately recognized it as an urn.  Here's what she told WMUR:


I walked up to it and when I ever saw it was the same box as my mother’s, that I buried my mother in, but my mother’s was pink. So, I knew it was an urn and then, of course, I looked closer and it said ‘Grandma’ and I knew it was an urn.

After Ellen called the Police to report the finding, she called her husband Joe who brought some grocery store bags to the beach and stuffed Grandma in.  They then walked all the way to the State Park's office at the Sea-Shell Stage.

Here's the report from WMUR:

What if Grandma wanted to sail the ocean forever more?  What if Ellen thinks she's doing the right thing, but really, she's just ticking off Grandma by taking her away from the sea?  I don't know about you, but if this Grandma is like MY Grandma, I wouldn't want to mess with her.


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