A fascinating new study by Zippia specifies the biggest 'Pet Peeve' of each state and I must say, this one for NH doesn't top my list but it certainly ranks right up there.

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Public Displays Of Affection

Ahh yes. The old PDA's.

I don't think we're talking about a quick hug or a peck while leaving or even holding hands here.

This is when two people cannot help themselves around each other, cannot keep their hands off each other and call each other sickening nicknames the entire times.

A very wise, old friend from the deep woods of Maine had a phrase for this behavior and it works as a perfect cure all when a couple is acting this way.

'Well! Aren't you something special!'

It's probably all in the delivery, but if timed correctly, I swear it works better than a bucket of cold water.

Speaking of Maine, I was surprised to see that their biggest 'Pet Peeve' was slow internet.

When I'm behind a car from Maine at a stoplight, I always count to five after the light turns green and sure enough, that is the exact amount of time it takes for them to start rolling.

I was shocked to discover that residents from 'Vacationland' were annoyed that something was going too slow, but they are in the leading category..

Fifteen total states were annoyed by this technical phenomenon.

Surprisingly, Massachusetts was NOT one of those States. Residents of The Bay State pride themselves on getting where they're going faster than anyone on Earth.

Yet, their biggest Pet Peeve? Burping.

I know what my reaction will be the next time a Massachusetts driver flips me the bird.

According to this very scientific study of customized internet searches, 'Burping' is a very common nuisance in the Northeast. New York, Rhode Island and New Jersey all agree!

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