A simple question posed to the social media platform of Shark listeners created a lot of confusion this morning. Thankfully, I was able to prove that this yummy product still exists!


Pop-Ice !

My question was 'What is your LEAST favorite flavor of 'Pop Ice'? The weird greenish yellow one gets my vote.'

The responses were almost unanimous. Nobody had any idea what I was referring to.

What the heck IS Pop Ice? Is it what NORMAL New Englanders refer to as POPSICLES, but New Hampshire natives call it Pop Ice? No doubt made with some form of TONIC? - Richard

I had to remove his friendly and comical emojis due to coding abnormalities so I apologize that his tone looks much harsher out of context. But Richard's sentiment was shared by nearly everyone EXCEPT for Aimee.


- Aimee

THAT is what I'm talking about!

Unbeknownst to me, the common NH terminology for this frozen treat is 'Freeze Pops' or 'Freezer Pops'.

Thankfully, Aimee knew what I meant and I can attest that the flavor she hates is certainly vile.

Most 'Freeze Pops' are long forgotten and encrusted in layers of ice from many seasons of neglect. AND many of them aren't labeled with their flavor. This creates quite a dilemma when one of your favorite flavors is lemonade, yet the aforementioned coconut looks identical.

Being a true gambler, I always give it a try anyway. I want to repeat this, I mustn't understate the wretchedness of the coconut flavor. BRUTAL.

The most common product brand name for 'freeze pops' is 'Fla-Vor-Ice' and believe it or not? 'Pop-Ice' is produced by the same company, Jel-Sert. They are based out of Chicago.

Honestly, I'm just relieved that I didn't IMAGINE one of my favorite summertime treats, for awhile there I thought I stepped into The Twilight Zone.

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