Since Fish is on vacation, I'm temporarily taking over as chief editor of The Gronk News Desk. And Rob Gronkowski, according to, had a bar tab from this weekend at Shrine in Foxwoods that was outrageous.

According to, Gronk and friends managed to order just over $100,000 worth of beverages in a night that ended at 2:25 a.m.

Instagram user Finkshotit originally had a photo of the bar tab, but it has since been deleted.

According to, on the bar tab in the Instagram photo, because of the Gronk-like size of the overall tab, a malfunction caused the decimal point to be moved two spaces off to the left. The suggested tip was up to a staggering $25,601.

Fish will return from vaca on Thursday. I hope that by then I can recover from the dizziness that this dose of reported Gronkiosity has caused. I have no idea how anyone can even hope to follow The Gronk's escapades on a daily basis.

I will leave you with another Gronkesque picture from this weekend's festivities.

Yo Soy Fiesta everyone!

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