A good clue would be 'OR Guess That Maine Lake!' as this body of water shares a border.

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Great East Lake - Wakefield, NH/Acton, ME

A full two weeks after my vacation, I noticed that I had taken this striking photo of a rainbow ascending from the rippling waters of Great East.

Perhaps the Rye Whiskey I had been drinking at the time caused me to forget this Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Indigo and Violet dispersion. Is that a retraction of a refraction?

Google Maps

The strange thing about this picture is that the red point balloon locator on the official Google Map above seems to be EXACTLY on the spot that the rainbow touched down.

Could this be the X on the spot of some buried treasure? With a surprising depth of over 102 feet, I think I'll let somebody else investigate that theory. I'd rather just swill some more Rye and enjoy the view.

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