No, it's not Mount Washington that would be way too easy. Any guesses?

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Mount Lafayette

For years I've had the worst streak of luck with fog when it came to getting the perfect view of this 5,200 foot peak.

It seemed that every time my folks would take the family for a drive up Route 3, it was shrouded by clouds.

Over the weekend I was at Vertical Challenge at Cannon Mountain and was blessed with this crystal clear sky and stunned at how magnificently the old General towered above the ski slopes.

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Here's a slightly less magnificent view of me trying to 'get Vertical' in honor of this fun event. I swear that just a split second before this photo was taken, I was AT LEAST two centimeters above the ground.

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Here's me and Vertical Challenge founder Frank Tansey staring directly into the sun for this selfie.

This is such an exciting and fun event and I can't wait to attend the Nashoba Valley event on Sunday February 16th!