Even if you recognize the place setting and the bar on which this soup sits, you might still get it wrong!

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The Dinnerhorn

See what I did there? People naturally assume that if I take a picture of food from over the weekend that it HAS to be from The Bratskellar... WRONG!

Sure, it's from the restaurant that shares the same building and pretty much the same kitchen but it's OFFICIALLY NOT on The Bratskellar Menu.

This French Onion Soup is insanely good, the only one on the planet that competes with my Nana's and that is really saying something.

The most dominant feature of this soup (as you can plainly see) is the cheese. There is so much delicious melted buttery cheese that you can easily have a bite of it with every spoonful and still have some left when the broth is gone. Beyond delightful.

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