Perhaps some trolls will disagree with my headline but I think one of the most underrated restaurant views in Portsmouth is this expansive stretch of wetlands along Route One. Recognize it?

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Sagamore Creek from The Bratskellar/Dinnerhorn

Being a true gambler, I never research when high tide will affect the parking situation at this 'Local Favorite Since 1960', I prefer to let the estuary surprise me.

On Saturday, as you can see, the parking lot was free of saltwater so I decided to walk around and maybe capture some wildlife with the photographic lens of my trusty cell.

Other than a seagull staring intensely at a closed dumpster, my efforts were not fruitful. However I have seen many great blue herons here and several beautiful examples of waterfowl.

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This viewpoint was captured shortly thereafter on the inside of the building and made me just as happy as any scenic vista.