And it's local! Somerville Brewing Company has brewed a limited edition Belgian Ale that is a potent as it is sweet. Which classic kid's cereal provided the inspiration?

Cap 'N Crunch Crunchberries!

Utilizing corn cereal in the mash and adding stone fruit juice with bubblegum flavoring, this 9 PERCENT ABV Ale just might have you sounding like The Old Cap'N by 10 AM (I don't remember his voice being so loopy, do you?)

Thanks to for providing this in depth article on the whimsically flavored potion.

I've had beer and cereal for breakfast before but never thought the day would come when a hybrid of both would be readily available.

Perfect day for checking out our new Saturday Morning Belgian and fresh Luma IPA. Brewery & Beer Garden. Two 4-pack limit today.

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