Brought up in Barrington NH, this adorable American Guinea Pig named 'Oreo' also lived it up as the 'Big Man On Campus' at Plymouth State where he became a serious fan of New England Patriots Football.

Photo Credit Breslin Family
Photo Credit Breslin Family

Oreo - The Shark's Pet Of The Month - May 2021

I found out several interesting facts about, not only Oreo, but guinea pigs in general when talking to Patricia, who will be collecting the $50 gift card at Pet Supplies Plus at Tri-City Plaza in Somersworth.

It seems that Oreo was particularly intense about Patriots games whenever they are scheduled in prime time. Whether he has a sense that say, Monday Night Football or Sunday Night Football somehow means more, that it is for debate.

Interestingly enough, guinea pigs do not require much sleep. They can function perfectly with just four hours per day and will sleep whenever they feel it's necessary.

Neither diurnal or nocturnal, during Pats' seasons, Oreo would schedule his snoozing strategically as to better enjoy the entire game with his full focus and energy.

His obsession with this Patriots' goal post toy is rather ironic, as come to find out, guinea pigs only have three toes on their hind feet. I would think that the act of kicking an extra point, let alone a field goal, would be nearly impossible.

Oreo is a very generous soul and will happily share the goodies that are purchased with his brothers Jeffy, Chauncy and Papi. And his sister Blackie.

He issued 'no comment' when asked about the quality of the Patriots draft picks over the weekend, but I'm sure he's looking forward to Preseason football returning in August.

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