It's HOT and many people are trying to escape the heat and head to the ocean!

According to a story on WMUR, there are still some vacancies at the area hotels and motels, so in case you want to spend more than a few hours, you'll have a bed to lay in.

One of my favorite spots, Ashworth by the Sea, has rooms.  As does the Regal Inn, Atlantic Breeze Suites and The Oceanside Inn.  You probably won't get a super cheap rate, but it's last minute, in the summer, on Hampton Beach, so....

You could do what my family did one year at another beach and just decide to sleep in your car.

We were all on a road trip to go see my sister in Florida.  On the way, we stopped as some beach, I wish I could tell you the name, but I can't remember... ANYHOO, we decided to just put the seats down and sleep.  Everything would have been fine, except we woke up to a TOW TRUCK trying to tow our car away with us in it.  Apparently, we parked in a no-parking zone.  We ended up hitting the road again in the middle of the night.


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