You gotta watch NH Chronicle tonight at 7pm!  Pat's World Famous, my nephew's place on Hampton Beach will be featured for a Designer Dog feature!  My brother John's creation, the Lobster Dog, will be front and center tonight and I can't wait to see it!

If you missed the blog I did before about Pat's place, let me tell you about the latest craze on Hampton Beach:  Pat's World Famous Lobster Dog!

Audrey Cox and her cameraman, Jason, from WMUR, stopped by Pat's World Famous to talk to the owner of Pat's World Famous, Pat Sullivan, my nephew and the chef and creator of the lobster dog, John Sullivan, my brother.  We've been anxiously awaiting for the airing of the show, so I'll be GLUED to my TV tonight!

You'll want to go after you see the show.  As you can see, the Lobster dog is probably my favorite, but I would recommend the hangover dog as well.  It'll cure what ails ya!


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