This is a story of a wonderful teacher.

You may recall the story of some 4th graders from the Lincoln Akerman School in Hampton Falls who got shut down 4 years ago when their bill to have an Official State Raptor was shut down on the NH House Floor.  The story made national headlines because of some of the mocking remarks made by some representatives that the kids, thankfully, didn't really understand, but they knew they were mean-spirited and sarcastic.  According to one report in, one lawmaker invoked abortion, others called the students’ effort a waste of time and another said that we would next be naming an official state hot dog.  (What's the matter with a state hot dog?  And to invoke abortion?  Geez..... No wonder this made National news.)

That incident put a fire under their teacher, Jim Cutting.  He brought the same kids back, now 8th graders, to try again in Concord and address the House Environment and Agriculture Committee.

According to a report in the Valley News, the kids all wore t-shirts that said, "Our Second Try to Live Free and Fly," addressed the committee and with some of the kids listening and in the front row, the committee gave a 20-0 vote to recommend HB 280.  With that sort of recommendation, the bill ought to pass.

I know the kids are the ones getting all the attention, but Jim Cutting, their teacher, really deserves a lot of credit to have inspired these kids to see this through.

We'll follow the bills progress and hopefully, soon, NH will soon get an official raptor.  Great job, Kids!




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