Now, this is a great story to start a Labor Day Weekend!

According to a story from Fosters, James McClelland of Hampton had broken his right ankle five times from hiking, being hit by a car, dancing and slipping on a wet floor.  This is a guy who doesn't stop moving!  His ankle had become so bad that he could no longer walk.  He made the difficult decision to amputate after talking with someone who said when he had his leg amputated, it gave him his life back by wearing a prosthetic.

The story says that Heather Abbott, who lost her left leg below the knee after the 2013 Boston Bombing, called James to tell him he would receive a prosthetic leg from her foundation and he would be able to become just as active as he wanted to once again.

The leg, according to the report, was created by Next Step Bionics and Prosthetics in Manchester.

I would love to meet this guy and go for a hike through the beautiful trails of NH!




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