I think I uncovered something so rare that I may win a noble peace prize. Okay, I am getting ahead of myself but you know, one can dream.

I was scrolling through Box of Maine, reading about Maine foods that many others don't know about. There was a post on the article and someone mentioned, Goose Tongue Greens, and I was like, "Say what?"

Let's just say it's an edible delicacy.

Goose Tongue Greens, also know as Ribwort and Seashore Plantain, are edible plants native to Maine's coastline, according to Alaska Floats my Boat. 

The name doesn't scream, "EAT ME", but it is enticing.

You may think they are derived from geese but don't worry, no animals were harmed in the making of this sea snack.

"Goose" comes from the plant's long, slender leaves that look like a goose tongue. You can eat them steamed or raw and the leafy greens have a unique flavor. Some describe it at as slightly bitter with hints of saltiness.

If you like fiddle heads, I think maybe this could be similar? I haven't tried it but I would.

Apparently, as the article says, these coastal plants offer a culinary experience and you could add this on your salads.

I myself am going to take a little trip to the coast of Maine, pick some ribwort and go ham on it, raw. That's how I get down.

How would you eat Goose Tongue Greens?

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