Close your eyes and tell me, what comes to your mind when I say the word, "tick!?"

Well, I guess you can’t close your eyes because you’re reading this, however, normally when someone hears that word, especially my mother, you look all over your body screaming, "Where," and start brushing yourself with your hands to get it off.

I came across this photo posted on the Maine Wildlife Facebook Group of a lady tick laying eggs, and it's not pretty.

The person who took the photo assumed that the eggs were coming from the tick's mouth. It may have looked like that, however, ticks lay eggs from their "undercarriage" or their lady parts, not their mouths.

Sally Martin via Maine Wildlife Facebook Group
Sally Martin via Maine Wildlife Facebook Group

Another question is where do the ticks lay their eggs and more importantly, can they lay their eggs on or in you?

The answer is NO! WebMD says, once the adult female is full of blood, she'll drop off to lay her eggs somewhere sheltered.

They are nasty little buggers, and boy do they really suck. I wonder if ticks are from the vampire family? Are you Team Edward or Team Tick? Have you ever had a tick on you, and not have known it? Simply sucking the life out of you until you're turned and grow vamp teeth?

Recently, I looked at my beautiful cat, Benedict Cumberbatch‘s face, and I saw something that shouldn’t be there. It was a very tiny black tick right underneath his little nose, above his lip. I did what we all do and ran into the bathroom, grabbed the tweezers, and pulled it out. I was also praying that I got the head as well. It's not a good time when you pull a tick out of something and the head is still stuck inside of you.

So, when is tick season in Maine? Well, according to Pets World, tick season in Maine is from early spring to late fall. Therefore, there are active ticks right now that are still sucking and laying. Ew.

Be vigilant people! Make sure to perform, necessary tick checks any time you're out in mother nature. Unless you want to become a vampire, immortality does sound pretty appealing, however, I'd rather not.


Lady ticks also lay thousands of eggs all at once, I wonder how that feels without an epidural? I'll leave you to think about that. Feel free to watch the video above.

Have a great day, You're welcome.

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