Decanted Wine Truck is a small business that is beginning to boom for two Massachusetts mothers!

With the COVID-19 pandemic hitting small businesses hard, many had to make major career shifts to continue to provide for their families.

This was a similar story for Julia Walderzak and Melissa Costa, who decided to pursue their passion for wine by creating a wine truck for New Englanders!

Like anyone else in the Seacoast area, once I saw this converted retro camper, I immediately thought "okay, how do we get this parked near a beach, the Rochester Food Truck Festival, or even better...where the wrap shack once was?" You know, the empty parking lot on Islington at the run-down Getty gas station?

Well, Seacoast winos, good news and bad news. Bad news: “I think a lot of people do think we can just, you know, kind of drive around with wine, so we have to say no, that's not the case,” Costa said in a WCVB article.

The good news: You, me, WE, can book the Decanted Wine Truck for private events, festivals, weddings, parties, etc.

Another article by WCVB followed up with the Decanted Wine Truck to find that they are practically booked through 2023. The business has grown from two employees to 10, just to keep up with the demand.

With the growing business, requests for more parties, and the additional 10 employees, The Decanted Wine Truck Company has purchased a second trailer. The first trailer, named Winoma, will be accompanied by its sister Rosie, a wider and taller second trailer, according to WCVB.

With the additional truck, The Decanted Wine Truck plans to break into Connecticut. Don't worry New Hampshire friends, I will speak for all of us. Live free and drive those wine trucks our way, ladies!

For those looking to rent the truck for a private event, packages start at $800 for up to 10 people!

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