A local favorite was crowned the King of Chicken in the state and I agree with their opinion a hundred percent.

Puritan Backroom
Puritan Backroom

There are literally thousands of "studies" on the internet that make bold statements like "Most Drunk States in America" or "Best Cities to Have Identical Twins In."

Most of them are based on hazy data that makes wild assumptions for the sake of viral headline potential. That being said, after seeing so many of these on social media, the latest one about "The Best Fried Chicken in all 50 States" is SPOT ON.

Mentalfloss released their picks for the top spots to get some friend chicken in every state and New Hampshire's choice should be no surprise. The best place to get some good ol' fried chicken is The Puritan Backroom in Manchester, NH.

They have, hands down, the best chicken tenders you will ever have. The chicken is always moist, the breading is light and flavorful and they pair it with a hearty helping of fries. You can get them done Regular, Buffalo, Coconut or Spicy, and struggle to stop yourself from finishing no matter which you choose.

You want some homemade duck sauce with that? You bet you can have it with whatever else you want to dip those tenders in.

I consider myself a "foodie" with a pretty broad palette, but I will never stop loving a pile of delicious chicken tenders and fries. The ones at The Puritan are not the frozen garbage you find at some restaurants, these are the real deal baby. You bite into one and realize that there is good in the world.

Oddly enough, besides the Puritan Backroom, I always find the best chicken tenders at Mexican restaurants. No joke, go to most any of them and get chicken tenders instead of a burrito and see if I'm wrong. For some reason those places churn out some great fried chicken. (Shoutout to Amigo's Mexican Restaurant in Milford.)

That theory is just my opinion, but when it comes to the best tenders in the state there is no argument. The Puritan Backroom all the way.

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