Emergency responders to the scene at a Salem, New Hampshire family dollar say that this is a familiar scene when dealing with the state's drug crisis.

New Hampshire's drug problem continues to ruin lives each day and hurts more than just the people using them.

This heartbreaking scene of a toddler trying to wake her mother up after an apparent drug overdose at a Family Dollar in Salem, NH is another example of how heroin is destroying families.

Scenes like this, a little girl crying and begging for their parent to wake up, is nothing new to police, firefighters and paramedics who see similar situations far too often.

The 36-year-old mother had drug paraphernalia in a diaper bag when she collapsed Sunday morning, according to the Eagle Tribune. Emergency responders revived her with two doses of Narcan, although the woman denied that she had overdosed.

A bit disturbing that the child was left crying without comfort while a bystander filmed the scene. Seems like people are more interested in recording on their phones than acting like human beings.

Overdoses and drug-related incidents are nothing new in New Hampshire, which has the worst heroin problem in the country. Hopefully this video is a wake-up call to someone out there struggling with addiction.

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