According to a story from WMUR,  Craig Warner Sr. was given only months to live, as he was diagnosed with ALS two years ago.  The disease is, in most cases, fatal.

Craig's mobility became worse and worse and as a result, he had to live in a nursing home.  According to the report, his sister said:

He still enjoys listening to their music as his mobility becomes less and less and is restricted more and more to his life at a nursing home.


His family made sure one of his bucket list wishes was granted: To see KISS live in concert.  So, they got a pair of tickets when Gene Simmons and the boys were in Des Moines, Craig's hometown and they immediately bought a pair of tickets.

Word of Craig's circumstance and love of the band got to the band themselves, so not only was Craig seated in a VIP area, he got to meet the band as well.  His reaction, "Is this REALLY THEM?"  He probably wanted to make sure it wasn't just a bunch of guys in face paint.

He passed away Friday.  I know that's a sad fact, but the power of music changes everything!  It can even give a dying man his last wish.

KISS is coming to the SNHU Arena in Manchester on Saturday, February 1, 2020.  There are very few tickets left, you can check it out and buy them here.



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