There's a storm coming in today that could bring winds of up to 50 MPH, according to a story from WMUR.

According to the report, the rain will start around 8am and many areas will see wind speeds of 50 MPH.  The rain is supposed to get really heavy around noon and in to the afternoon.  The storm should be gone by about 9pm tonight.

I don't know about where you live, but where I live, that means power outages.  This is why we need a generator.  Almost every windy storm, we pray that our power won't go out, but it usually happens.  Not long after the lights go out in our house, we hear the hum on both sides of us of a generator that our neighbors put in a while ago.  Man, they must be so toasty warm in their house!  They must laugh in the face of Mother Nature and say, "Bring it on!"

We do a LOT of work, as a lot of people are doing these days, via the internet, so I'm hoping if the power does go out, it won't be for long.  Maybe I'll eventually make the investment.

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