(Dover, NH) - We could see over an inch of rain by Saturday, and combined with the snow melt, flooding of streets and basements is a possibility.

Municipal officials have been busy this week removing snowbanks in downtown areas to lessen the possible problems.

Dover Fire Chief Eric Hagman has some tips for residents:

"With heavy rain on the way, roofs may be at greater risk as the weight of accumulated snow and ice increases," Hagman said. Hagman recommends clearing excessive snow from roofs. For those not able or uncomfortable removing snow, Hagman suggests consulting with a roofing company or properly insured contractor.

A roof may collapse with little or no warning, Hagman added, and one common misconception is that only flat roofs are susceptible to collapse. High roof parapets can accumulate significant drifting snow, especially during wind events. The following warning signs could indicate a roof is in danger of collapsing:

  • Sagging roof steel - visually deformed;
  • Severe or new roof leaks;
  • Cracked or split wood members;
  • Bends or ripples in metal supports;
  • Recent cracks in walls, drywall or masonry;
  • Cracks in welds of steel construction;
  • Sheared off screws from steel frames;
  • Sprinkler heads pushed down below ceiling tiles;
  • Doors that pop open;
  • Doors or windows that are difficult to open;
  • Bowed utility pipes or conduits attached to the ceiling;
  • Creaking, cracking or popping sounds.

Hagman said property owners should also check roof drains and gutters and make sure they are clear of snow and ice.

Clearing drains and culverts of snow, ice and debris can reduce the chance of flooding and damage to roadways and property.

Contact your local Fire Department for more information.

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