Here's my nephew Caleb with the newest trend that is taking the country by storm, Magnet Fishing. Well, that may be overstating it a bit, but it is fun and helpful in cleaning NH lakes.

When my sister purchased this fishing magnet online as a new activity for my nephews Great East Lake vaca, I thought 'WOW, they'll be able to help loons by removing the deadly lead sinkers that have been plaguing that species for years!'

Unfortunately, lead is not magnetic. How was I supposed to know? I ain't no metallurgist!

However, after just a couple days of dragging that magnet across a small underwater portion of Wakefield, NH. They've managed to get a nice little haul of garbage.

Old bobby pins and barrette pieces, a ball bearing and a small portion of a fishing lure were all found.

They have pulled up countless pebbles and rocks with magnetic properties which can make this process a bit tiresome.

But, fare warning, after just a couple casts, you do get 'hooked' on it!

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