Please.  Don't go to the polls without knowing a little bit about what and who you are voting for.

Tomorrow is voting day and I can't be alone when I feel overwhelmed with all the ads from the candidates, regardless of what they are running for.  Each one will have an impact on our government, so we should really know what's going on. is a really easy website where you can go to find out about who is running wherever you live, whether it's here in New England or anywhere in the country.  It's super easy to register to vote, but if you haven't done that yet, they'll guide you in the right direction.  The thing that really can get confusing for me is who is running and for what are they running for.  Also, the amendment questions sometimes catch me off guard.  I sometimes haven't seen them at all and they are asking me for the first time, without preparation in the voting booth.

Just click here to see who is on your ballot. 

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