First of the year, like so many other folks, I made a New Year's resolution to try to loose some pounds (or at least waistline inches) and go on a diet. Additionally, moving back home to New England, having a wedding on the horizon in June, made sense to make some nutritional improvements!

So, I've cut my portions, mostly cut out carbs, zero sweets (candy/pastry/deserts) and upped my protein and, yes, seafood!

Instead of missing my pizza and ice cream treats, I decided to embrace taking advantage of the fresh seafood on the seacoast and beyond and have been on a lobster roll kick MINUS the roll.

The first time I ordered it I was unsure if restaurants would even serve a roll with no bun, but low and behold they do, and most always give you an extra hunk of lobster as you're paying for the sandwich but just asking for the meat. No complaints here!

So in no particular order, here are a few spots you should try this too in my humble opinion/experience:

Sea Dog Brewing Company in South Portland: It's worth the drive for fresh out-of-the-ocean and authentic Maine lobster.

Weathervane in Dover, but it has several locations: They add a little something sweet to the water when they cook those claws.

Duffy's Tavern in Old Orchard Beach: You can truly get the pub version of the lobster roll here and have it with a cold one on tap.

Newick's Lobster House in Dover: It's got an authentic old New England dinner hall, and there's great views of the water and classic seafood.

The Beach Plum in Portsmouth: This spot is a little more trendy and has a truly delicious salty lobster delight.

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