So you've won $1,000 bucks but you can only spend it on concert tickets. New Englanders let us know which 7 classic artists would be worth the investment.

Here Are The 7 Classic Artists New Englanders Would Pay $1,000 To See

When I look at this prodigious lineup, I can't help but feel like I have missed out on a lot.

I've never seen Billy Joel or Bob Seger or any member of Hagar's 'The Circle'.

The only contact I've had with anyone in Fleetwood Mac was a fifteen minute radio interview I did with Mick Fleetwood, over a T-1 line,  but somehow, the CD that I transferred the audio to was misplaced.

I did, however, see the late John Entwistle play alongside The Who at The Worcester Centrum back in 1996 and they were unreal.

Getting back to Bob Seger, he played The Worcester Centrum in 1990 for one night only alongside Don Henley at a benefit show for Walden Woods. Wouldn't you know it? I had tickets for the next night.

Time for a small world story.

Sarah went to that Bob Seger show AFTER she met Don Henley. I'd pay $1,000 to have switched places with her. What a difference a day makes!

The truly frustrating thing when looking at these bands is when you think of all the lost time that their fans have missed out on without the connection of seeing them perform in their original lineups.

To have all the members of Creedence and/or Fleetwood Mac still performing music, but performing separately because of petty squabbles, boggles the mind.

Without a doubt though, this lineup is stellar and I thank the voters of Shark Nation for 'putting the band back together' one way or another!

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