It's National Cheesesteak Day! These are some highly recommended NH sandwiches that you probably haven't tried, didn't know existed or didn't realize were even available!

Here's 5 More Great NH Cheesesteaks That You May Not Know About

I never thought that I'd have to admit the reason I first discovered Lindy's Country Store in Brentwood NH. I had just worked out! After a particularly strenuous session of rope slams, burpees and bench presses, I was starving!

Their flags out on Route 125 beckoned me in and the rest was history. After I tried their pizza, I was hooked and never tried anything else. I can't wait!

I'm a big a fan of Market Basket's Deli Counter that you're ever going to meet, in fact, their giant party sub is now my go to birthday meal.

Thanks to Randy for letting me know that 'Artie T's Army' also serves up an impressive Steak & Cheese.

Ever since I saw the Newfields NH Shell Station Deli featured on NH Chronicle, it has been the number one goal of my next staycation. The biggest challenge will be to order chicken fingers, chicken salad and their renowned cheese steak while trying to give the appearance that all three items are NOT all for me.

An easier commute will be Earl's Steak Sandwiches right here in Dover on Oak Street. With a name like that, I have to think their product is of the highest quality.

The biggest challenge there is that I'll have to drive by River Bend. So many times I set out for one thing or another and ALWAYS wind up getting my sub card punched at the corner of Henry Law and George Street.

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