Looking to keep the kids occupied for Maine school vacation week?  Actually, this sounds cool for all kids in ME, MA and New Hampshire.

Virtual Kindness to Animals week starts this Tuesday, February 16th, according to a press release.

The Maine State Society for the Protection of Animals, Center for Wildlife and Marine Mammals of Maine and the Animal Welfare Society are teaming up for free virtual webinars that will focus on Maine's wild and domesticated animals.  For example, how can we help feral cats, how to keep horses warm during the winter, two kinds of seal that can only be found in Maine's water in the Winter and much more.  Kids can ask questions during these interactive webinars.

The event organizer had this to say:

We are excited to collaborate on this safe and fun educational experience for school vacation week because each of our missions focus on different species, children will get a broad understanding of how to help all of Maine’s animals, especially when it’s cold outside. Students will learn to appreciate the resiliency of animals and how to best co-exist with them and protect our natural world.

All these webinars are free and are geared at school age children, K-8.  If you'd like to participate, you just need Zoom credentials and you can get them here:   https://animalwelfaresociety.org/youth/kindness-week.

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