If there's one thing all American's can agree on...it's that none of us agree on President Donald Trump or politicians in general. And despite the political posturing and rhetoric, I really believe that no one wants a government shut down.

As we enter the third week of impasse, approximately 800,000 federal employees or contract employees are not getting paid. However, many are still required to show up for work each day with no promise of when they'll see their next paycheck.

So how is the partial government shutdown affecting folks her in New Hampshire? In short...not much. According to an article by patch.com, New Hampshire ranked as the second-least affected state, ahead of only Minnesota, according to a report published Thursday by WalletHub.

The report says New Hampshire has the fifth lowest number of federal employees, and the third lowest number of families receiving SNAP benefits. Overall, no state in New England is feeling the crush of the shutdown like Washington D.C..

However, Maine ranks 13th on the list of most affected states.

No matter how you feel about the shutdown, the proposed wall on the southern border of the United States, or the POTUS...I'm certain all of us want to see the government opened back up and people back at work.

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