Most Patriot fans are still reeling from the ESPN news update that the 2021 season will once again feature Cam Newton as the starting quarterback. I think I have the definite answer as to why this has happened.

New England Patriots v Los Angeles Rams
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It's Not About The Money

This contract is far from the cost effective and downright tiny half million dollar Veteran minimum that Newton signed last year. In fact, with incentives, it totals $14 Million, for one year!

Today, our Boston Sports Insider Tom Caron explained why this indicates that Cam Newton is without a doubt, the 'Be all, End all' starting QB for 2021.


'When you hear 14 million, I don't see any way they trade for Jimmy G now. In football, it doesn't really matter if you pay it or not, it MATTERS because it's against the salary cap.' - Tom Caron on the re-signing of  Cam Newton

But, WHY?

Proving 'The Patriot Way' Still Works

With over a quarter of their remaining salary cap space now invested in Cam Newton, I feel like Coach Belichick is 'Going All In' here, in an effort to prove that 'The Patriot Way', the most common name of his system, is still effective enough to compete at an elite level.

With a former league MVP at the helm, now with a year of playbook experience under his belt, the offense should be in a much better position to function more competitively.

Coach Belichick has always been sure that this formula can be effective with Newton at the helm, and has re-signed him to prove it.

As Patriots fans, we can only hope that he is right!

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