A bad first date would be a 'dine and dash.' This is next level crazy.

Everyone has first date stories. At the best, they're a weird mix of awkward, sweet, angling the best you, and overall nerves. At their worst, well...sometimes you don't make it through the lunch. Recently, Rholde Island's Christopher Castillo plead guilty in Fall River Superior Court to charges including armed robbery and three counts of assault and battery on a police officer, according to 7 News Boston.

This all went down on a first date. Here's how it went down.

No word if Christopher had his own place, but the date he met online picked him up at a parent’s house. Know what works on a first date? Wine. Castillo was no exception. He reportedly drank wine while the two drove to the Bristol County Savings Bank in North Attleboro, prosecutors said. When the two got close to the bank, Castillo asked his date to pull over.

Prosecutors say Castillo flashed a gun in the face of a bank teller, stated that he was “really hurting” for money, and demanded $1,000. Then, he booked it back to his date, sweating with a gun and cash in hand. Castillo told the woman to “[expletive] go.” They were later pulled over in a Dunkin parking lot. She was not charged in connection with the incident.

Tuesday, authorities announced Castillo  was sentenced to three years in state prison. No word if there will be date #2.



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