I was so relieved when a co-worker of mine shared that they had experienced this weird side effect after receiving their COVID-19 Vaccination shot the other day. I thought I was the only one!

Hot Ears Or Hot Sections On The Face

I have now experienced this side effect three times in the immediate hours after an injection.

My ears feel like they're about 150 Degrees Fahrenheit!

My co worker reported very hot sections on one side of their face within the same amount of time after the vaccination.

Could this be the same reaction I have had in my ears?

When I have reached out to anyone in the medical field about this, they will always ask if I was experiencing any pain or if the burning was intense enough that I couldn't bear it.

The answer is always no, it just feels like the hottest fever I've ever had, but only in my outer ears and earlobes.

This response is almost always replied to with a quizzical look and a shrug of the shoulders.

I have searched the internet far and wide for side effects of hot ears or hot patches of skin on the face and really haven't found all that much, people have reported that their ears were ringing, but not an intense heat.

I think that what we both are experiencing can be categorized under the heading of 'fever', which is the most common side effect.

It's just that the very specific concentrated locations of that fever are much more rare as nobody in my family, or circle of friends, had ever experienced it either.

But now I have finally found someone else with symptoms as weird as I have!

It is very comforting to discover you're not the ONLY person on the planet with this problem and that it's not only in your imagination.

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