Are you feeling more anxiety? Getting less sleep? The reason for this could be just a short 225,000 miles away.


The Native American name for the first full moon in March is 'The Worm Moon'. It got the name because this is when the ground begins to thaw and earthworms begin to crawl again.

Perhaps I was an earthworm in a previous life because it seems like every single 'Worm Moon' I wind up with horrible bouts of insomnia as I crawl around my bed in search of sweet, elusive slumber.

According to a quick search of the googler, I'm not alone in this agony.

If you're wondering about the March 2020 full worm moon meaning, you've come to the right place.


Basically, this supermoon is like arriving at the intersection of creation and destruction.


The eye of the storm. ... Keep in mind, this is just the first supermoon of the year—expect another in April, and a third in May. - Elocin Rose - Stylecaster Horoscope Site

Supermoons (when the close proximity of the moon to the earth coincides with a full moon) always stop just short of turning me into a werewolf. Combine that with the 'Worm Moon' and I'm sure to be walking around on all fours until Monday at 1:48pm.

After that, it starts to wane, and sleep will be mine once again!

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