Hiking Mount Washington is a dangerous business. Only experienced hikers should make the attempt and even if you are an experienced hiker, accidents can happen.

I won't be doing this one anytime soon.

According to APnews.com, Ashely Furness, 35, of Barlett was hiking with a friend on Sunday afternoon when she fell 200 feet after slipping on rocks.

Fortunately, she was making the descent along the railway tracks and was only about 2 miles from the Cog Railway stations that transport visitors during the tourism season.

Lt. Mark Ober, Jr. tells APnews.com that “It was these rocks that saved her from plunging into the ravine, a fall that would have likely proved fatal.”

She was lucky that she was not hiking alone, and her friend was able to call for help and provide a space blanket to keep her warm until a rescue could be made.

Because of where she had fallen and the steep, icy terrain, ATVs and snowmobiles could not reach her, APNews.com stated. A rescue belay was designed with ropes to hoist Furness to the tracks and the Cog Railway got a train in gear to retrieve her.

Without the train, the rescue would have taken dozens more first responders, according to the article. The Cog Railway train was indeed the little engine that could.

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